Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten im Stadtteil Minusinsk

Minusinsk region is equated to Crimea in terms of the number of sunny days per year. Even watermelons can be grown here due to the mild climate. People come here to stroll along the streets of 200-year-old Minusinsk, swim in the Tagarskoye salt lake, relax on the sandy shores of the Tubinsky Bay, or find happiness on Mount Shishka. And the Minusinsky district is also famous for its health resorts, where residents and guests of the region strengthen their immunity for the whole year. We have ppared for travelers a list of hotels, recreation centers and sanatoriums in the Minusinsk region, where you can comfortably stay.

Hotel "Minusinsk"
The hotel is located in a two-storey stone building built in 1900. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a candle warehouse trading shop, a military unit, a shop and even a chauffeur school dormitory. Then a pasta and confectionery factory worked and only recently, after a major overhaul, the Minusinsk hotel was opened.

● Single and double rooms are equipped with TVs, refrigerators, kettles
● Dishes, tea and sugar, wi-fi are freely available
● Guests are provided with personal hygiene products, towels and slippers
● Hearty and delicious breakfasts are served daily in the morning
● Payment by plastic cards is possible

There are shops nearby. The distance from the hotel to the city center is about 1 km, you can walk in 12 minutes. Distance to departure points in Abakan: airport - about 19 km, railway station - 16 km.

Minusinsk, st. Lenin, 46
+7 (39132) 4 40 25
Website: hotel-minusinsk.ru

Hotel "Uyezdny Dvor"
In 2020, the house, which now houses the Uyezdny Dvor, celebrated its 120th anniversary. It is known that this building once housed the first workers' club of Minusinsk and the editorial office of the organ of the Minusinsk committee of the Bolsheviks - the newspaper Tovarishch.

● Single, double rooms, rooms for three or more people
● The rooms have everything you need: TV, wi-fi access, kettle, hairdryer, slippers
● The hotel has a dining room and a kitchen where guests cook on their own
● There are shops and cafes near the hotel
● Payment by plastic cards is possible

The distance from the hotel to the city center is about 1 km, you can walk in 12 minutes, to the bus station 1.5 km. Distance to departure points located in Abakan: airport - about 31 km, railway station - 26 km.

Minusinsk, st. Headquarters, 22
+7 902 946 55 11
Website: uezdny-dvor.rf

Apart-hotel "Zabota"
Convenient location near the historical center of Minusinsk.

● Studios equipped with everything you need
● You can use an iron, ironing board, hairdryer
● The hotel has a kitchen where guests can ppare their own meals
● Access to wi-fi
● There are shops and several cafes near the apart-hotel
● Payment by plastic cards is possible

The distance from the hotel to the bus station is 1.5 km. Distance to departure points in Abakan: airport - about 30 km, railway station - 26 km.

Minusinsk, st. Kravchenko, 16
+7 913 544 44 44
Website: care-minusinsk.rf

Mini-hotel "Iris"
It is located on the M-54 highway leading to the Ergaki ski resort and the Tyva Republic. Convenient location in relation to the new part of the city of Minusinsk and the historical center - 10 minutes walk.

● 12 rooms equipped with air conditioning and wi-fi
● At your service: kitchen-dining room, recreation room, gym, barbecue area
● Guests are provided with a set of towels, personal hygiene products, slippers (take a hairdryer with you)
● Meals are not included in the price, but you can order from the menu
● Drinking water, tea and coffee in the public domain
● Payment by plastic cards is possible

Distance from the hotel to the bus station is 2.5 km. Distance to departure points in Abakan: airport - about 29 km, railway station - 24 km.

Minusinsk, st. Kyzylskaya, 16
+7 902 467-82-92
+7 902 468-61-29
+7 902 468-59-84
Website: hotel-iris.rf

Mini-hotel "Yug"
The modern hotel is located in the business part of the city, just 2 km from the historic center.

● Rooms of different comfort categories are equipped with everything you need
● If necessary, you will be offered a hairdryer and an iron; it is better to bring personal hygiene products with you
● Guests can use a kitchen where they can cook their own meals
● Within walking distance there are shops, cafes, pharmacies and bus stops
● Free Wi-Fi
● Payment by plastic cards is possible.

The distance from the hotel to the bus station is 3 km. Distance to departure points located in Abakan: airport - 30 km, railway station - 24 km.

Minusinsk, st. Krupskaya, 96B
+7 950 303-33-33
Website: hotel-minusinsk.rf

Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor"
It is located near the healing salt lake Tagarskoye, 15 km from Minusinsk. It treats the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, skin diseases and the digestive system.

● Own natural healing factors: mud therapy, hydrotherapy
● Comfortable rooms, 2-storey cottages and summer houses
● Dining room with a common room and a restaurant catering room
● Improved and diet food, buffet

Lake Tagarskoe, southern shore
+7 (39132) 2 16 88
+7 923 594 88 86
Site: ozero-tagarskoe.ru

Sanatorium "Solnechny Tes"
The sanatorium located in the amazingly beautiful and ecologically clean southern region of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the shores of Lake Vyushkovo (55 km from Minusinsk), surrounded by pine forests and mixed forests, provides services for recreation and sanatorium treatment for children and adults throughout the year. Here they treat cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the nervous system, respiratory system and musculoskeletal system.

● Medical center, buildings with balneological, mud and physiotherapy departments
● 2-storey comfortable cottage-type sleeping buildings
● Facilities include a swimming pool, gym, barbecue area and sauna
● Dining room with main dining rooms and a buffet room for 50-70 people
● A balanced diet ppared by nutritionists

with. Tes, Lake Vyushkovo
+7 (39132) 5 33 83, 4 41 65
Site: sun-tes.ru

Sanatorium and health-improving complex "Balsam"
The sanatorium is located 10 minutes from Minusinsk. Here they treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system, digestive organs and diseases of the ear, throat, nose

● Compact sanatorium with housing stock, medical departments and a canteen in one building
● Availability of our own diagnostic base
● Types of treatment: salt room, inhalation, aromatherapy, hydromassage, balneotherapy, phototherapy, thermal therapy, mud therapy, massage, electrotherapy, exercise therapy

Minusinsky district, industrial site of the Electrocomplex,
Electromashinostroiteley Ave., 2/2
+7 950 974 13 72
+7 908 218 01 04
Website: sanbal.jimdofree.com

House-estate "Tagarskoye"
A wooden 2-storey house-estate is located on the shore of the Tagarskoye salt lake. It was built in the late 60s of the last century and restored in 2009. It offers 10 rooms of various comfort levels, a kitchen, a dining room, as well as a Russian bath, cozy terraces, gazebos with a barbecue area. During summer, guests can sunbathe on the sandy beach with sun loungers.

Minusinsky district, pos. Lake Tagarskoe, st. Embankment 4
+7 (902) 991 72 56
Website: ozerotagarskoe.rf

Rest house "Small Kyzykul"
The rest house is located on the Small Kyzykul Lake. There is also the Big. They are 4 km apart. You will have to drive 36 kilometers from Minusinsk, but it is worth it: the surroundings of the Kyzykul lakes are very picturesque - hilly terrain, dense forest, surrounding water bodies on all sides.

On the territory of 15 hectares there are housing buildings, a dining room, a library, sports grounds, recreation and barbecue areas, a bathhouse and a sauna. In the summer there is a sandy beach. Here they offer to diversify their vacation with fishing on the lake, and for those who like active leisure time, bike rental and outdoor games are organized: volleyball, basketball, tennis and football. The holiday home organizes excursions for guests.

Minusinsk district,
Lake Maly Kyzykul,
+7 950 303 20 21
+7 923 326 10 19

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